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Welcome to Summer Blast 2023!

Summer Blast is a brand new evening camp for kids from 4 years old to 6th grade with two focuses, Creative Arts and Sports.

Pick a Focus

You pick one focus for each child, either Creative Arts or Sports. Each focus runs through the four nights and is tailored for your child's age and ability by expert instructors.

Creative Arts

We will focus on:
  • 3 unique art mediums (Icing Art, Sculpter, Water Color)
  • Gaining technique & understanding, 
  • Igniting creativity


We will focus on:
  • 3 Sports (Basketball
    Agility Training, Soccer)
  • Gaining Basic & Advanced Skills
  • Teamwork & Sportsmanship

Each Registration Includes:

  • Small group instruction in an inclusive diverse environment
  • A Limited Edition Summer Blast T-Shirt
  • Nightly Snacks
  • The required material/equipment for each Focus. (art supplies, sports equipment, etc)
  • An art kit or basketball to take home depending on the track chosen


July 11- 14


6:30PM-8:30PM Nightly 


$25 per attendee


SNC Springdale

11177 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45236


What is Summer Blast?

Summer Blast is a 4 night experience, where your child(ren) can choose between doing creative arts or sports. Each night the focus will be on a different sport or art medium.  

Do you offer discounts?

We do not generally offer discounts. If you are needing assistance attending this event, don't hesitate to call our church offices. Allow us to find options for your family. Call our church offices at 513.771.3571.

What does a typical schedule look like?

We will begin each night as a whole group, gathering as teams for some instruction and guidance for the night. This will include some fun music & games.

Next, we will focus on either sports or art. This hour time-frame will be filled with skills, technique building, group learning by a qualified instructor as well as opportunities for individual growth in each child’s chosen focus area. During the focus time, there will be a break and snacks will be provided.

At the end of each night’s focus group, students will also huddle up for a recap of what they have learned.

What should my child bring / wear?

They do not need to bring anything with them. We will supply everything they need.

If they are in the sports focus, they need to wear gym shoes & gym clothes. If they are in the art focus, they need to wear clothes that can get messy. 

This is at a church, is God going to be mentioned?

Yes, we will teach and refer to Him throughout Summer Blast as we teach kids life principles through Bible stories & experience that coincide with their tracks. 

How do I register?

Registration opens May 7th. Click one of the "Register Today" buttons on this page to register your child(ren) for Summer Blast 2023!

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