Group Life

We're thrilled to invite you to a connect group! It's in these smaller group settings that you can get to know people, build community, and go deeper in your faith walk. We have groups that meet during both Sunday Services as well as midweek groups; you are invited!

Springdale Groups

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Kingdom Builders (Fireside Room)
Facilitator: Gregg Pritts
55+, lecture & discussion based.

Household of Faith
Facilitator: David Ralph
55+, lecture & discussion based

Walking in Faith (307)
Facilitator: Ron Westerman
55+, video & discussion based

Life Application & Fellowship (312)
Facilitator: Dovie Hudson
55+, lecture & discussion based
Together (304)
Facilitator: Jeremy Bowden
Families, video & discussion based

Families & Friends in Faith (314)
Facilitator: Roger Hutson
40s - 60s, discussion based

10:00am - Building Life Together (316)
Facilitator: Chip Hatfield
40s - 60s, lecture & discussion based


Connected (304)
Facilitator: Sharon Schweitzer
30s - 50s, lecture & discussion based

Strong House (307)
Facilitator: Andrew Hall
20s - 30s, lecture & discussion based

Homebase (313)
Facilitator: Eric Johnson
18 - 23 year olds, discussion based

Grow & Tell (303)
Facilitator: Chuck Keller
60+, lecture & discussion based

For Ladies Only (308)
Facilitator: Carol Webster
55+, women only

Kingdom Life (316)
Facilitators: Todd Toby, Benj Walter
30s - 60s, lecture & discussion based
Purpose Living (306)
Facilitator: Rick Mapes
All ages, dicussion based

Cornerstone (314)
Facilitator: Matt Weaver
40s - 60s, lecture &discussion based 

Turning Point (Fireside Room)
Facilitator: Michael Graves
30s - 40s, lecture & discussion based


Fireside Room Discussions
 Facilitator:Pastor Malachi Dean
All ages, Diving Deeper into Sunday's Sermon

Women's Bible Study
Facilitator: Megan Diefenbacher
20s - 30s, Bible and discussion based

Women's Bible Study
Facilitator: Paige Graves
30s - 40s, book and discussion based

Women's Bible Study
Facilitator: Brenda North
40+ book and discussion based

Men's Bible Study
Facilitator: Matt Weaver
All ages, in-depth Bible Study

Men's Small Group
All ages, fellowship
0s - 60s, lecture & discussion based
Grief Share
Designed to work through grief together.

Beginner Bible Study
4-week class, repeating cycle, beginners
Several electives throughout the year