We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation made up of churches and civic groups who have come together to provide services and outreach to people within our area and who are in need.  We began in 1988 and are located in the building adjacent to Springdale Nazarene Church.
We operate two distinct mercy ministries, both of which are located on this property.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry is stocked with food, household and cleaning items, toiletries, paper goods and even clothing items available to those who qualify.
We serve our neighbors in Greenhills (zip code 45218), Springdale (zip code 45246), Forest Park (zip code 45240 except those served by Corpus Christi Food Pantry) and members of our sponsor church congregations. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
We are a “choice food pantry” where clients may shop one (1) time per month.  During the calendar year you may choose one month to shop for a second time.  It is your choice how you spend your points.  Points are determined by family size and qualification for current USDA rules.  A volunteer is always present while shopping to assist you and keep track of your points.

New clients must show a picture ID on the first visit and show two (2) current bills dated within the last month as proof of residency, such as an energy, water, phone bill or rent receipt.  You also need proof of residency for other members of the family.
Continuing clients must provide one (1) bill, no more than one month old.  For school aged children you must produce proof from the school (report card, progress report or letter) on your second visit that the children live at your address.  This is an annual requirement at the beginning of each school year.  Others in your household must also show proof of residency once per year.

Caring Center

The Caring Center is a faith-based ministry that requires an application and interview process.  Monetary resources may be awarded to enable clients to receive a true hand-up through the power of Jesus Christ.
It is the goal of the Caring Center to work with our clients to change their lives by becoming involved in a Christian fellowship and working toward goals that will change their overall living situation for the better.
There is one main requirement to be a part of the Caring Center.  We ask that clients attend a church regularly.  We are willing to help you find a church home if you currently do not have one.  Our goal is to walk with you on a journey of faith and hope, as we work with you to help you better your situation.
We strongly recommend that you apply for food stamps (which you can do at the pantry if you have never had them before in Ohio).  
We strongly recommend that you apply for PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plus) to help control your energy costs – unless your heat is provided by your landlord.
You must fill out a Caring Center application and be willing to conform to our stated standards, including regular church attendance and monthly food shopping.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
9:30 – 11:00am
6:00 – 7:30pm
9:30 – 11:00am
Last Saturday of each month
(except Nov & Dec)
9:30 – 11:00am


Monetary donations may be mailed to us (attn: Treasurer).
Other donations may be brought to us during hours of operation.

Contact Us

11177 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246


The Calvary Church
Compass Church
First Baptist Church of Greenhills
Forest Chapel United Methodist Church
Forestdale Church of Christ
Greenhills Community Presbyterian Church
John Wesley United Methodist Church
Kemper Road Christian Church
Messiah Lutheran Church
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church
Red Door Church
Springdale Nazarene Church
Springdale Presbyterian Church
St. Matthias Catholic Church
Word of Deliverance Church
GE Community Service Fund
Greenhills-Forest Park Kiwanis Club
Forest Park Women’s Club
Princeton City Schools
Winton Woods Schools
Springdale S.O.S.