Feed a Child's Body, Mind, & Soul

Imagine being able to make a real difference in the life of a child in need.
That's exactly what you can do through the Chinaboquil Project's Sponsor a Child program.

For just $35 a month, you can help provide essential resources to a child at the Chinaboquil Life Center in Chinaboquil, Chisec, Guatemala. But it's more than just financial support. When you sponsor a child, you become a part of their story. You'll receive updates on their progress and successes via a private sponsor Facebook page, allowing you to watch them grow and thrive. It's a small investment that can have a big impact feeding their body, mind, and Soul.

So why not become a part of something meaningful and sponsor a child today?

Sponsor a Child

1. Sign-Up to Sponsor a Child
2. Give $35 a month
3. Receive updates via a private Facebook Page.