Mike (ChapDaddy) Benson
Campus Pastor
Campus Pastor
Ana (Backpack) Seward
Associate Pastor

We exist to minister to bikers and their families. Our motto is: “Love God, Love people, do stuff” and that’s just what we do! Our services begin with an inspiring message, then move into some group discussion about the message (visitors are invited but not pressured to participate) and usually involve some time planning out the logistics of biker ministry events. Besides biker blessings and fund-raising rides, our ministry provides a Last Ride for fallen bikers and Veterans in our beautiful motorcycle hearse, and a funeral meal for the family. We would be honored for you to visit our Tuesday night services!

Salvage Yard Biker Church
services have started
meeting in person again!
• Tuesday evenings 6:30 PM
• Springdale Campus
in the choir room.
If you would like any
information please feel
free to contact