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Pursuit Groups
The Pursuit is our midweek gathering for youth. September – June, we meet in Pursuit groups, gathering first in the Youth Room. We take the month of July off, then begin our annual “Voices” series in August and hold sign-ups for Pursuit groups.
Sign-ups for Pursuit groups involves a commitment to be present each week (as possible), and listing 5 – 6 students, and 2 – 3 adult leaders they would enjoy gathering with. Students are then placed in groups of 10 – 20, with 2 adult leaders. When a student has to be absent for a sport, concert, illness or other reasons, they know they have a group that will miss them, follow up, and pray for them. 
We currently have 7 Pursuit groups meeting each week. Students may join a Pursuit group at any point during the year. Our current series is called, “Life on Mission”.