New Electives Kick-Off
August 26-September 16
 Wednesdays | 6:30PM
Springdale Campus
Two Electives Offered
Spiritual Disciplines

The world tries to squeeze us into a mold of its own daily habits and repetitions.  Many times this creates busyness that leaves us with questions, feeling exhausted and little-to-no space for God who desires to know us.  In this Elective we will explore ways to take steps back from the busyness and make space for God through “Spiritual Disciplines”.  


Join pastor Malachi in Room 306 as we learn the benefits of making space for God in our lives.

Fruit of the Spirit

God has designed us to grow in Him and shine in the dark corners of our world?  In this Elective we will learn how to cultivate the “Fruit of the Spirit” in new and creative ways.  


Join Mike & Paula Eisele in Room 304 as we examine how our favorite Bible characters demonstrated the Fruit of the Spirit and how their example can help us live out God’s fruit in our lives.