October 7-28
Wednesdays | 6:30PM
Springdale Campus
Two Electives Offered
A Man After God’s Own Heart

Hey Men…this is for you! It seems we need to have it all together and when we fall short we’re left to pick all the pieces up ourselves. King David was a man of many short falls and yet he was A Man After God’s Own Heart. Join pastor Malachi in Room 306 as we discuss God’s love for us and how He picks up the pieces as our hearts chase after His heart.

Overcoming Grief & Anxiety

Circumstances in life that are out of our control can create anxiety and feelings of grief. These may come in the form of loss, change, stress, or everyday uncertainties and prevent us from being free and living at our best. Join Troy and Kim Witte in Room 304 as they share ways how to heal when things are out of our control and live at our best.