We are excited to once again enter into a time of 21 Days of Prayer. This emphasis takes place twice a year. It is an intentional time of reading, praying, and drawing CLOSER to God. The following devotional thoughts were written by Pastors Caitlin and Landon. The theme this fall is CLOSER which will coincide with the Christmas sermon series of the same name. This acrostic will help us focus on one letter each day of the week. 

Communicate with God through Prayer (Mondays)

Learn to understand and apply God’s Word to your life (Tuesdays)

Obey God’s commands (Wednesdays)

Store God’s Word in your heart (Thursdays)

Evangelize (Share Christ with others) (Fridays)

Renew yourself spiritually every day (Saturdays)

The Christmas story teaches us that God longs to draw near to us. When Jesus came to earth, it was foretold at His birth that He would be known as Immanuel, which means God with us.

In James 4:8, we are told to, “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” My prayer and desire is that we might draw CLOSER to God this Christmas season. May you be blessed as we walk this path together. 

Daryl Blank

Senior Pastor

NOv. 25, 2018
Nov. 26, 2018
Nov. 27, 2018
Nov. 28, 2018
Nov. 29, 2018
Nov. 30, 2018
Dec. 01, 2018
Dec. 02, 2018
Dec. 03, 2018
Dec. o4, 2018
Dec. 05, 2018
Dec. 06, 2018
Dec. 07, 2018
Dec. 08, 2018
Dec 09, 2018
Dec. 10, 2018
Dec. 11, 2018
Dec. 12, 2018
Dec. 13, 2018
Dec. 14, 2018
Dec. 15, 2018
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