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dis·ci·ple – someone who is with Jesus to learn from Jesus how to become like Jesus.
It is our passionate purpose to come alongside people and assist them in their journey to become more like Jesus; to become disciples of Jesus. At SNC we recognize people are different and are in different places and seasons of life. We want to meet you where you are.
At SNC we value:
1. Community – We expect everyone is journeying with someone.
2. Growth – We expect everyone is reading the Bible and engaging with others to live out what It says.
3. Service – We expect everyone is serving someone.
Whether you are exploring your faith or are a seasoned Christ follower, there’s a place for you to begin or enrich your journey of discipleship. Contact the office for more information.
Passages is a small group experience, designed to engage participants in conversations involving what matters most in being a disciple of Jesus Christ. This 10-week study is rooted in twelve basic beliefs, practices and actions of a Jesus follower. The goal of Passages is to help participants identify and explore how these key components shape our everyday lives.
Click HERE for a PDF of the Passages content.
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S.H.A.P.E. is a four-week study designed to help you gain insight into who God has made you to be and how you can find fulfillment and purpose in serving Him, His church, and the world He is working to reach. In this course we will discover what the Bible teaches about servanthood and explore the many different spiritual gifts, passions, and abilities God has gifted us with as disciples of Christ.
REACH - SNC - Springdale Nazarene Church
REACH is a three-week study designed to help you be a growing disciple of Jesus while living in the real world. In this course you will discover how to see your life the way Jesus does, explore how God is working through you in the lives of people you already know, and develop a skill set for making and nurturing friendships.
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